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Crakatinny ISP gains first corporate customer

A while back

Crakatinny ISP CEO Arskin Fertrubble recently signed up our first corporate customer, Kikatinalong Pastoral Holdings, somewhere out on Long Paddock Road.
Kikatinalong's Managing Overseer Frederico Zenozzograte, when interviewed at the Pub, said he was excited to get back out to the station in a month or so to see what all the fuss was about. He said "I  tried getting back out there a couple of days ago, but about 20 miles along the ute got tangled up in this huge ball of string. Took a couple of hours to get untangled". Fred said he was too tired to drive on after that so came back to the pub.
Arskin Fertrubble told local TV reporter Miranda Middlehump that maybe the string out to Kikatinalong homestead might need further tensioning. He promised to send the technician out as soon as possible. He added "Unfortunately our technician became indisposed after a celebration at the footy club. But as soon as the local copper sees fit to release him he'll be on the job". Mr. Fertrubble conceded there were a lot of customer complaints at the moment but it was difficult dealing with them given the technician's unfortunate situation.